Hotel Rossija

This photographic essay reflects the final hours in the existence of the Hotel Rossija before its final demolitian in 2006. Opened in 1967 in Moscow; it was at the time the world’s largest hotel. The hotel was a monumental symbol of the Cold War era and, with its view over the Kremlin was frequented by diplomats, intellectuals, international television teams and prostitutes alike. After Glasnost and the fall of the Iron Curtain, despite great interest from real estate speculation, the building fell into a sharp decline; demonstrating the realities of the dramatic changes that have taken place in Moscow since the mid-nineties.

Moscow, Russia, 2005-2006

Hotel Rossija_01Hotel Rossija_02Hotel Rossija_13Hotel Rossija_04Hotel Rossija_05Hotel Rossija_10Hotel Rossija_09Hotel Rossija_08Hotel Rossija_11Hotel Rossija_20Hotel Rossija_24Hotel Rossija_14Hotel Rossija_19Hotel Rossija_23Hotel Rossija_25Hotel Rossija_26Hotel Rossija_27Hotel Rossija_28Hotel Rossija_32Hotel Rossija_35Hotel Rossija_34Hotel Rossija_36Hotel Rossija_37Hotel Rossija_39

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