Alone Together

“My drama is cancelled. Behind me the scenery is being taken down. By people who are not interested in my drama, for people, to whom it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter to me either.”

The Hamletmachine by Heiner Mueller, 1979


„We do need any sense. We can not survive into this complex and without any relations, and incoherence of our reality”. Elisabeth Bronfen

Alone Together

by Thomas Erbach

Anja Pietsch is drawn to scenes where like – minded people come together to participate in particular rituals. She is interested in the relationship between people and places. She is in search of the codes that form a mass out of a group of individuals, the necessary temperatures and catalysts. She began her ethnological safari at those places that have the draw of potential transfiguration, Monoliths, such as the Externsteine, and National symbols, such as the Wartburg, offering student fraternities the perfect backdrop for their parades.

She has taken part in Catholic pilgrimages and observed the annual memorial processions of left – wing groups in honour of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht.

What comes to light is the searching for a sense in a senseless existence. Pietsch was not unmoved by what took place before her camera. The panoramic images capture scenes with great objectivity the high points within the phenomenon of every day life in group happenings or events.

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